Utility Warehouse and the new Professional boom

Ludbrook Research International recently published a report asking “Will the Utility Warehouse succeed in the new ‘Professional’ boom of Network Marketing?”

They summed up their findings as follows:

“The most important result of this dramatic growth period will be that Utility Warehouse will produce more exciting meaningful incomes for more people than any other UK company in Direct Sales history.”

Read this fantastic report now (471 KB PDF)

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I’m still really happy with UW – they have saved me over £70 a month since I changed and the switch over was really easy and hassle free.


Even though we’d been told that we could make big savings on our gas, electricity, phone and broadband we were intrinsically lazy and did absolutely nothing about it. It was only when Catherine sat us down and talked us through everything we realised how easy it was to swap suppliers and how much saving we could make. Catherine made the whole process incredibly painless and everything went like clockwork. She’s always on the end of a phone should you have any queries and we only wish we’d made the change to Utility Warehouse sooner.


One very happy customer!  We had read an enthusiastic endorsement of the Utility Warehouse in ‘Which?’ magazine a year in advance of signing up to the new scheme. Catherine Lloyd, our local authorised distributor, was able to explain its benefits and features to us, with confidence and competence. We opted for all bundled services (gas, electricity, telephony / Broadband and Cashback card), and found the change over from our existing suppliers seamless and hassle-free. We estimate that in the last twelve months of use, we have saved in the region of £500, for average household consumption.


I can recommend switching your utility services with Catherine, she came here and talked us through everything and the whole process was totally painless 🙂 We’ve not been with Utility Warehouse long enough yet to work out what we’re saving BUT it’s certainly not costing us anything!


My husband and I can highly recommend UW – the first bill was so small we thought it was a mistake, so we rang up to check it!  The second and further bills have been equally low, which we wouldn’t have thought possible, as we are not typical customers, having no gas supply.    The backup from UW is excellent too – we had a problem with the phone line, and they organised everything, promptly and efficiently.  Thanks, Catherine – I have been recommending you to everybody.

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